This is our finalised agenda.

Napier / Doyle (110pax) Lauder / Heriot (110pax) Greyfriar (58pax) Clark (58pax)
08:30 Registration
09:20 Welcome and housekeeping

Sebastien Lambla
When agile goes bad 2.0 – The worst client in the world

Keith Kirkhope
A Squad Lead's tale: the Skyscanner Squads model

Christos Matskas
ASP.NET Core (formerly 5) deep dive

Matt Lacey
Six dimensional mobile user experiences

10:30 Break

Martin Kearn
Machine Learning for Muggles

Clarke Ching
Lesstimating: how to fix estimating by doing less of it, not none of it.

Naeem Sarfraz
Windows brings Docker Goodness - What does it mean for .NET developers?

Chris Canal
React for the .Net Developer

11:50 Break

Raymond Davies
Breaking the monolith

Nathan Gloyn
You keep using the word agile, I do not think it means what you think it means

Gary Ewan Park
Having your Cake, and eating to too!

Don Wibier
Responsive Web Design for Developers

13:10 Lunch

Sebastien Lambla
Versions are evil – How to do without in your APIs

Chris McDermott
"Ladies and gentlemen, the plane is no longer the problem"

Toby Henderson
Brighter to the Core, moving an OSS project to .Net Core 1.0

Gary Short
Would You Have Survived The Titanic?

15:25 Break

Max Vasilyev
CQRS and how it can make your architecture better

Richard Dalton & Ashic Mahtab
"Advanced" Functional Programming For The Absolute Beginner

Mike Ritchie
The Code Craftsmanship Thing for the Internet Of Things Thing

Kendall Miller
To The Cloud! How Azure helped us improve the scalability of our SaaS

16:45 Prize draw
17:15 Close