When agile goes bad 2.0 – The worst client in the world

Level : Introductory / Beginner

You arrive at a new company, full of ideas. You start changing things, introducing new ideas, being disruptive, in all the nice ways, with all the best intentions in the world.

Then you’re down the rabbit hole, and it all goes very wrong. Eggs get broken, you have the queen of hearts chasing you and you can’t quite tell if you’re getting smaller or bigger.

Nearly 10 years after the first time agile went bad for Sebastien, come spend an hour in wonderland discussing about all that can and does go wrong when you reach the limits of change, in a new remastered version.


Sebastien Lambla

Sebastien is an international bits fiddler. A big fan of ReSTing all the things, he's lean and agile, and can create bugs in most languages.