Brighter to the Core, moving an OSS project to .Net Core 1.0

Level : Introductory / Beginner

This is an experience report on moving Brighter, an Open Source project, to .NET Core 1.0.
As .Net developers we have an exciting future where we can target multiple runtimes, running on multiple operating systems.
It is not as bad as it sounds, some of the pain of this multiple craziness has been made easier for you with the new tools which have recently been made available.
This talk will take you through that journey and show you how we used the tools, what was missing for us, what we did to solve them and what we have not yet been able to solve.

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Toby Henderson

Tinkerer, fixer and builder of things. Toby is currently an Application Architect at Huddle, a British start up, where he gets to tinker, fix and build stuff. Previously he worked in the finance sector as a developer, operations manager and technical architect for over 15 years. Very fussy about coffee, likes good food and booze.