Lesstimating: how to fix estimating by doing less of it, not none of it.

Level : Introductory / Beginner

How would you - and your bosses - work differently if they treated estimates as educated guesses, not promises?
I'll share with you an incredibly simple technique I've used for years which helps teams, scrumMasters, and project managers coordinate better, deliver more, and deliver on time, by doing LESS ESTIMATING. It takes 5 minutes to learn the technique, 10 seconds a day, per developer, to apply it, and people love it.

I learned it from people who manage huge projects, like building stadiums and bridges, and then I adapted it to agile teams. Lesstimating works on large development projects. It works on small teams. It even helps #NoEstimates teams.

You can start using it tomorrow.


Clarke Ching

Author Rolling Rocks Downhill.